On Saturday, December 7th, I participated in a nationwide event called Help-Portrait. The events goal was to provide portraits to those in need. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how taking someone’s picture could help them. After a few hours at the event, I understood completely. 

Professional photography is expensive for both the client and the photographer. Professional cameras, lenses, lights, backgrounds etc. are massive investments for photographers. Some of that cost gets passed onto the photographer's clients. Help-Portrait events are completely volunteer based. Because of that, all the barriers and expectations that generally exist at a photo shoot were completely dissolved. It was simply about making a connection with the subject and taking a beautiful portrait.

Most of the people in the pictures below shared their incredible stories with me. From massive weight loss to overcoming various struggles, each subject was proud of something they'd accomplished. One gentleman was even celebrating his 60th birthday.

The event reminded me why I began taking pictures in the first place. With some lights, camera, and a whole lot of action, a fraction of a second can be preserved and cherished.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images below as much as I enjoyed capturing them.


AuthorMax Grudzinski